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October 25, 2010


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Dea and Tita are students of Sanata Dharma University. Yesterday, Dea went  to Tita’s house. She wanted to invite Tita at Dea’s birthday party.

Dea                        : ( knock the door ) tok…tok…tok..

Tita                        : ( open the door ) Hei Dea.

Dea                        : Good morning Tita.

Tita                        : Good morning too. Long time no see, Dea.

Dea                        : Yeah, all right. I miss you very much.

Tita                        : So do I. Let’s come in..

Dea                        : Thank you. Wow, your house is very luxurious. How beautiful it is.

Tita                        : Really ? Oh, thanks. Please sit down, Dea.

Dea                        : Thank you. Tita, would you like to attend my birthday party on next Saturday night?

Tita                        : I’d be delighted. Saturday night, did you say?

Dea                        : Right. Please come to my birthday party. I wish  you would come.

Tita                        : That sounds fine. But, I’m sorry, I have other plan on next Saturday night. I’m going

to visit my friend at Panti Rapih Hospital. He got an accident yesterday.

Dea                        : Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Who’s he ?

Tita                        : He is Bayu. He got an accident three days ago.

Dea                        : What a pity. Can you tell me about his accident ?

Tita                        : Okay, listen carefully. Yesterday, Bayu was going to campus. On the way, he didn’t

look at a big dog in front of him. He crushed that dog roughly. Then, he and his

motorcycle slipped to river. He drowned and hit a big stone at river.

Dea                        : It’s a bad news. Actually, Bayu is my friend too. So, I also feel very sad. Umm, I have

good idea. Could you visit Bayu right now with me ? It’s better than you visit him on

next Saturday. So, you can attend my birthday party.

Tita                        : Oh, I agree with you. I can attend your birthday party if I visit him right now.

Dea                        : What time does Panti Rapih allow the visitor to meet  the patient ?

Tita                        : The visitor can meet the patient at 5 p.m. up to 6 p.m.

Dea                        : Umm, it’s 4 p.m. Let’s go to there now. We’ll go to there with my own motorcycle.

Where is the location of Panti Rapih Hospital ?

Tita                        : From Sanata Dharma University, turn left and you will find T-Junction. From there,

you have to turn right and go straight. Then, you will find an intersection and go

straight. Not far from it, there’s Panti Rapih Hospital.

Dea                        : Oh, thanks. It’s clear enough. Come on.



Then, they visited Bayu at Panti Rapih Hospital. Bayu got serious accident. He had a pain on his head. They expressed their sympathy to him. They wished that Bayu will get better soon. After that, they said good bye to Bayu and they went back to Tita’s home.

Tita                        : Thank you very much Dea. You’ve accompanied me to visit Bayu.

Dea                        : You’re welcome. I think it’s going to rain. I really must go home now.

Tita                        : Okay. See you tomorrow.

Dea                        : See you.



On next Saturday,,at Dea’s birthday party

Tita comes and gives a gift for Dea

Tita                        : Hai Dea,,happy birthday to you..wish you get all your success

Dea                        : Thank you very much, thanks for coming at my birthday party too

Tita                        : Wow, you look so beautiful with that dress. It suits you.

You’re beautiful on your birthday party.

Dea                        : Thank you, you’re nice too with your dress.

Tita                        : How about your new life ? We haven’t met for long time

Dea                        : Yes, you’re right. After we graduated from Senior High School, we never met each

Other again. My life is so wonderful. I study English everday and I really enjoy it

Because it’s very exciting.

Tita                        : Hmm,it’s good. What’s kind of campus activity do you join ?

Dea                        : I join Debate Organization or called CODE and English Mass Community.

Tita                        : It must be great. Can you tell me about CODE and English Mass Community?

Dea                        : Okay, I will explain it. CODE is an organisation focused on debating. At CODE, I can

Improve on speaking because it needs a good speaking ability.

About English Mass Community,it’s a community that hold an eucharist withEnglish

language every month. Beside that, English Mass Community also has many others

interesting activities.

Tita                        : Wow,it must be great because it’s an unusual eucharist.

Dea                        : What about you? How’s your study at Law faculty of Atma Jaya University ?

Tita                        : I really enjoy it too.

Dea                        : What’s kind of campus activity do you join ?

Tita                        : I join AZ Dancer on campus……………………

Dea                        : It’s must be interesting. I know that you’re good at dancing, so it will be suit for you

Tita                        : Thank you. I wish that we can pass our lecture and our organisation well.

Dea                        : Amen, I wish it too. Actually, I will be glad if we often meet each other.

It can keep our friendship.

Tita                        : Yes..will you hanging out with me every Saturday night?

Dea                        : I agree with you. I can arrange my schedule for it. Thank you very much Tita.

I’m sure it can keep our friendship.

Tita                        : Hmm, we talk each other so long and it’s 11 PM, I must go home now

Dea                        : Okay, I will call you to arrange our plan on next Saturday night.

Tita                        : Okay, see you Dea, thanks for your invitation.

Dea                        : Okay, thanks for your coming too. See you.


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